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What is GRB?

While Gear is preparing to launch its Canary Network, we are using Statemine to reward active community members with the Gear Bonus Token (GRB).

To earn GRB, you have to take part in activities and events that are organized by Gear, like workshops and live AMAs. Not all participants will be awarded merely for participation. To earn GRB, individuals have to successfully complete various tasks, for example deploying a dApp during one of our workshops.

To claim your GRB reward, first you have to download the polkadot.js extension and create a Substrate account. You can read an in depth post about how to create a Substrate account here.

To find out if you have received your GRB, please use one of the following options:

Gear interface

  1. Gear provides an easy-to-use interface to check and claim available GRB tokens:

img alt

  1. Click the Connect button to connect your Substrate account that is eligible for the bonus tokens.

  2. If GRB is available to claim, the interface will display a Claim button. Your available GRB balance will be shown on the top right corner.

Polkadot/Substrate portal

Polkadot/Substrate portal enables to check if you’ve been awarded with GRB tokens and access them.

Step 1.

Head over to the Polkadot/Substrate Portal app. Ensure that your account is added to the wallet and is available for all networks.

img alt

When adding an account, you can use your mnemonic phrase or restore it from JSON. To do this, the password you created when saving the JSON earlier is required.

img alt

Step 2.

To connect to Statemine, click the Polkadot icon in the top left corner, navigate to “Kusama & Parachains” and select Statemine via OnFinality/ Parity.

img alt

Your accounts should now be displayed on the Statemine network:

img alt

Step 3.

Navigate to “Network” and then “Assets” on the navigation bar.

img alt

Then, navigate to “Balances” on the “Assets” navigation bar.

The GEAR Bonus token has the ID 677. When selecting asset 677, your available GRB balance will be displayed.

img alt

You can also check incoming transactions to your address using by first selecting the Statemine network in the search menu.