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Intro to Gear


Welcome to Gear’s documentation portal. This is a central source of information for everyone looking for important information, guides and developer's documentation about Gear.

Our Wiki outlines foundational information required, general technology overviews, the key advantages of Gear’s technology, help to get started with Gear node setup, how to upload your smart contracts, while also providing full API details and examples.

All code, libraries, and tools are available on Github with a permissive Apache-2.0 license. Feel free to use the tools and libraries, log issues as you find them, or create pull requests for your bug-bears or features.

As our project is developing and growing, contributions are more than welcome!

What is Gear?

Gear is a Substrate-based smart-contract platform that enables anyone to deploy a dApp in a matter of minutes. Gear is the most cost-effective way to run smart contracts that have been compiled from many popular programming languages, such as Rust, C, C++ and many more. It ensures very minimal, intuitive and sufficient API for running both newly written and existing programs on multiple networks without having to rewrite them. Smart contracts are stored in the blockchain’s state and are invoked, preserving their state upon request.

Gear is planning on becoming a parachain in the Polkadot and Kusama networks to host smart contracts on these respective networks. This will mean that by deploying on Gear, developers would be able to take advantage of all the benefits of the Polkadot and Kusama networks and ecosystems at minimal cost.

Gear will assist with the transition to mass use of Web3 technologies by enabling the running of innovative dApps, microservices, middleware and open APIs.

How to engage with the Gear community


Instructions and other development-focused conversation is found on our GitHub.


General information and non-technical conversation is found on our Discord server.


Follow us on Twitter for regular updates: @gear_techs


Join Gear's official Telegram channel: gear_tech


We publish regular updates and articles on Medium that you can read here.