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Running Gear node in Dev Net mode

Dev net is useful for development and debugging of your smart contracts. You can upload your program directly to a local node, send messages to a program and validate the program's logic.

To run a Gear node in a dev net mode:

  1. Compile or download nightly build for your operating system as described in setting-up.

  2. Run the node in dev mode:

./gear --dev --tmp
  1. Follow to and connect to a local dev node. Click network selection via the left top button, choose Development -> Local node and click Switch button. Use Idea portal for sending messages, reading program's state etc.

  2. To purge any existing dev chain state, use:

./gear purge-chain --dev
  1. To start a dev chain with detailed logging, use:
RUST_LOG=debug RUST_BACKTRACE=1 ./gear -lruntime=debug --dev