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Substrate is a modular framework that enables the creation of custom-built unique blockchains by composing custom or pre-built components with networking, consensus mechanism, core functionality, security and governance features out of the box.

Using a Substrate framework, the creation of different blockchains for specific applications is simplified. Substrate provides extensive functionality out-of-the-box and allows developers to focus on creating a custom engine on top of the protocol. This covers the most desired requirements for enterprise-ready decentralized projects.

It allows every team creating a new blockchain not to waste efforts for implementing the code for networking, consensus and other essential components from scratch. Refer to the Substrate Documentation for more details.

It is an important component of the Polkadot network and most parachains. The critical aspect of the Polkadot network is its ability to route arbitrary messages between chains. These messages enable negotiation channels between two parachains and allow sending asynchronous messages through it.

It's easy to understand the functions of Substrate by its name. The main Substrate features are the following:

  • Forkless Update
  • Built-in Coordination
  • Cross-Language Support with WebAssembly
  • Light-Client Friendly
  • Deterministic Finality
  • Seamless Integration

Substrate enables the Gear team to significantly reduce development time and focus on developing the main Gear Protocol components. Rust guarantees security and high performance.

Gear's unique asynchronous messaging architecture enables efficient communication between networks built on Substrate technology. This seamless integration contributes to interoperability for improved network functionality and participation.

But even with Substrate, launching a new blockchain remains relatively expensive and time consuming. But the Gear Protocol allows dApp developers to focus on their projects rather than building and operating an entirely new blockchain from scratch.