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About Vara Network

Vara Network is the first stand-alone layer-1 decentralized network built and running on top of Gear Protocol.

The fast and scalable non-fork upgradable Vara Network enables the best playground for next-gen Gaming, Financial-based applications, experimental features but not only. Any other modern use cases are perfectly suited for running on Vara. Building on Vara Network is ideal for both developers already in Web3 as well as those migrating from Web2 seeking the most secure, efficient, scalable environment for deploying their decentralized applications.

Many next-generation apps, like gaming and payments, require low latency execution. The Vara standalone network provides the fastest on-ramp for these applications and unlocks new potential applications.

The main features of Vara network are:

  • Fastest truly decentralized L1 ever
  • Testbed for new features and optimizations
  • Stable and upgradable network thanks to Substrate
  • Little to no governance

There are several ways other than developing and running dApps to support Vara Network:

  • Become a Validator by providing computing resources for programs execution, blocks producing and participation in consensus mechanism. It makes the Vara Network secure, performant and censorship-resistant.
  • Become a Nominator by staking tokens and nominating validators. Elected validators that produce blocks redistribute rewards to their nominators.
  • Become Ambassador to create educational awareness, community engagement, and decentralization around Vara Network and Gear Protocol.

For more info about Vara Network and how to become a part of the community, refer to Vara Wiki.