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Program Rent

Gear Protocol utilizes a rent-based program management system. When developers upload a program (smart contract) to the network, its expiration date is assigned. The expiration period is measured in blocks.

After the expiration date, the program is automatically removed from storage, unless the owner chooses to extend its life by paying rent. The owner must indicate the number of additional blocks they can pay for, and they need to pay the rent in utility tokens to keep the program active beyond its initial expiration date.


Current initial rent period: 5,000,000 blocks (on Vara it will be around 173 days)

After uploading a program, you can observe a similar event:


"id": "0xde76e4cf663ff825d94944d6f060204e83fbb5e24f8dfdbbdc25842df4f4135d",
"change": {
"Active": {
"expiration": "12,834,248"

How to extend the rent of the program?​

To extend the rent period of a program, simply call the special extrinsic gear.payProgramRent(programId, blockCount). See more

Can I restore a deleted program?​

Yes. Since the blockchain stores all states for the entire history, you can restore the program's state to the previous block before it was deleted.

Why does Gear use the program rent system?​

  • Optimization and efficient resource usage
  • Stimulating utility token usage