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Read State

There are two different ways to query the program State:

  1. Query the full State of the program. To read the full State of the program, you need to have only the metadata of this program. You can call method to get the state.
import { GearApi } from '@gear-js/api';
const api = await GearApi.create({
providerAddress: 'wss://',
await{ programId: '0x…' }, programMetadata);

Also, you can read the State of the program at some specific block specified by its hash:

{ programId: '0x…', at: '0x…' },
  1. If you are using the custom functions to query only specific parts of the program State (see more), then you should call api.programState.readUsingWasm method:
// ...
import { getStateMetadata } from '@gear-js/api';
const stateWasm = readFileSync('path/to/state.meta.wasm');
const metadata = await getStateMetadata(stateWasm);

const state = await api.programState.readUsingWasm(
programId: '0x…',
fn_name: 'name_of_function_to_execute',
argument: { input: 'payload' },


To read state in JavaScript applications, you can use fetch browser API to get buffer from meta.wasm:

// ...

const res = await fetch(metaFile);
const arrayBuffer = await res.arrayBuffer();
const buffer = await Buffer.from(arrayBuffer);
const metadata = await getStateMetadata(buffer);

// get State only of the first wallet
const firstState = await api.programState.readUsingWasm(
{ programId: '0x…', fn_name: 'first_wallet', buffer },

// get wallet State by id
const secondState = await api.programState.readUsingWasm(
{ programId: '0x…', fn_name: 'wallet_by_id', buffer, argument: { decimal: 1, hex: '0x01' } },